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paper_children's Journal

The Inner Child
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Color and eat glue.

hello world
Welcome to paper_children! Here is where you release your inner child. Let that child lead your day and tell us how it went. Draw and color a picture and show us, we want to see! Play dress up, show us your dollies, share a word about or even from your inner kid.

This community is for anyone and everyone with a child within them, whether the individual just likes to act childish, was a victim of abuse and lost a part of their childhood, or is a "little" in a multiple system. If you have an inner child, this community is for you!

The rules are simple:
1. Keep it PG-13 at the most.
2. Try to stay on topic.
3. Don't bash other members; save that for your own journal.
4. If the post is large, please lj-cut!

If you want to affiliate, just message me!
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